Business Case Launch Event

Building Bridges: Unveiling Insights & Unlocking Opportunities for Women in STEM

SheSTEM is excited to announce the upcoming Business Case Launch Event being held on May 8th, 2024 at Amari Dhaka. This event marks the unveiling of the Business Case Report titled “Barriers to Bridges: Unveiling Insights & Unlocking Opportunities for Women in STEM”. 

The report is a collaborative effort between the SheSTEM consortium partners, crafted from insights gathered from industry experts, government stakeholders, private sector players and STEM students across Bangladesh. It provides a detailed analysis of the current landscape of female participation in STEM in the country, highlights key challenges and opportunities for women in STEM fields, and proposes actionable strategies to improve the STEM ecosystem for women in Bangladesh. The keynote presentation at the launch will present this compelling business case to the stakeholders in attendance, highlighting the need for more women in STEM fields as both an economic and social imperative for Bangladesh. 

The central feature of the launch will be a panel discussion under the theme: “How Private and Public Organizations, Universities, and Development Partners can Help Strengthen Female STEM Participation” and will be moderated by Munzereen Shahid, Chief Instructor at 10 Minute School. The panel brings together eminent and accomplished individuals from academia, the government, the Dutch embassy, and private sector leaders who will share insights and best practices, identify key challenges and opportunities, and discuss collaborative strategies to promote a more inclusive STEM environment for Bangladeshi women. 

The outcomes of this event are anticipated to foster industry-academia linkages and initiate policy dialogues necessary for fostering gender equality in STEM education and careers. We look forward to a productive discussion and are eager to share the insights and outcomes following the event.

SheSTEM is committed to inspiring, educating, and empowering women to pursue rewarding careers in STEM. We are devoted to enhancing industry-academia collaborations, increasing employability skills, and advocating for gender-equitable practices. 

SheSTEM is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and implemented by 10 Minute School,  a2i  Aspire to Innovate, DevLearn, LightCastle Partners and, Policy Exchange Bangladesh.